A Glamour Magick Ritual for Winter Solstice

The Winter Solstice (in the Southern Hemisphere it will fall on 21/06/21) marks the shortest day and longest night of the year. This solstice also marks the ‘birth’ of the sun, as the days now begin growing longer – yippee!

It signifies hope, renewal, rebirth and the returning light of the Sun and, with this revitalisation, a new chapter and new opportunities. New dreams, hopes and ideas are born within you at this time of year.

There’s a very special stillness about winter. While appearing dead and frozen deep within new life is quietly unfolding. Our new hopes and dreams are being planted deep within ourselves, and if we nurture these yearnings, they will produce abundance come the warmer months.

This is an ideal time for manifesting. We can use these dark winter days to tap into the magic and mystery of the darkness. It is a great time to create a vision board for the year to come or to meditate on bringing your dreams to life.

These are also days are for resting. We desire being snuggled up in super luxe, soft, cosy blankets (think “hygge” which loosely translates from Danish as a ‘quality of conviviality engendering a feeling of contentment or well-being’). Winter is when we rejuvenate our spirits as it is also vital that we take time to rest and prepare our spirits for the heightened energy of spring and summer.

Just because it’s cold outside and we would like to be cuddled up “hygge” style, doesn’t mean we can escape leaving the house though (rats!), so I’ve put together some ideas to incorporate glamour magick into your routine so you can feel the warmth and love of the Goddesses on your travels.

First and foremost, and only if safe to do so, keep a gold or silver candle burning near you as you go through your glamour magick workings to signify the warmth we are so sadly lacking at the moment and bring some candle magick to the occasion! Sprinkle some frankincense, clove and/or wintergreen around the candle to invoke a feeling of the season, and if you have garnet (motivation & drive while planning new projects), orange calcite (refreshing, ‘out with the old, in the new’ energy), and/or chrysocolla (for that hibernation feeling and introspection). As for any of my rituals, these accoutrements are purely voluntary and will not have an overall impact on your workings; it is always about your intention(s).

Call on Brighid or Isis (Goddesses of the season), and perhaps indulge in some gingerbread/shortbread and a hot cup of cocoa while dwelling on the following:


  • Cleanser: you’re washing away the worries, cares and stresses you are carrying to make way for new and shiny intentions. (Try Younique’s customisable cleaners that you can tailor to your exact requirements or Paula’s Choice for high quality cleansers)
  • Toner: refresh and clear your mind to germinate the seeds of what you’re wanting to manifest for the coming seasons of plenty. (I adore the calming properties of Younique’s Rose Water Toning Spritz)
  • Eye cream: see the world through clear, kind and compassionate eyes with a keen eye on what you wish to create in the warmer months ahead. (Try this You.ology Eye Cream to target tired eyes with this skin care powerhouse!)
  • Exfoliant: clear away the debris of your past so you are ready to make room for the blessings to come. (Check out these one’s for a great range to choose from.)
  • Serum & moisturiser: while not only protecting your precious skin from the harsh elements, it will assist you in going about your day smoothly, with ease and grace, secure in the knowledge the Goddesses protect you. (Check out You.ology’s fully customisable serums – I adore the Beauty Uplift Oil – and moisturisers are a great choice. Paula’s Choice also offer a great range of targeted moisturisers)

Dressing with intention

Obviously, we need to rug up at this time of year, but a couple of things you might like to include in your routine are:

  • Tights: to walk the world with poise and grace.
  • Gloves: to touch the world with loving, kind hands.
  • Jumper: to warm your heart
  • A coat or ideally a cloak (very witchy!): to not only protect you from the cold elements but to keep you warm as you ruminate on longer, warmer sunny days to come that will see the manifestation of your dreams and hopes.
  • Scarf: ensure words of love and kindness.


Finally, it comes to my personal favourite ritual; my makeup! I like to use the following elements to bring some witchiness into my days:

  • Primer: ready my spirit to receive abundance
  • Foundation: lay a foundation of truth and strength, cloak my insecurities and replace them with confidence.
  • Contour: carve out space for my spirit to expand and grow in love to be the highest version of myself, and achieve my growing intentions.
  • Blusher: bring life, vibrancy and colour to my world, particularly in these grey times.
  • Highlighter: illuminate all the blessings bestowed by the Goddesses, allowing me to rest and ruminate at this time of year.
  • Eyes: lift the veil obscuring truths outside my own, and allow me to see all the miracles of the Universe and beauty of the season (because there is beauty even for a summer-loving witch like myself!).
  • Lips: conjure words of magic, authenticity and love.
  • Setting spray/powder: sprinkle magic along my path.

I hope these elements of my own customary witchy preparations provide you with some ideas for yourself.

I’d also love to hear from you if you have any additions/changes you would make to any of the above.

Love, light & blessings


P.S. For the sake of transparency, some of the links provided on this blog are ‘affiliate links.’ Although I may be paid a commission if you use these links to make a purchase (ie. Younique), I am totally committed to high standards of integrity and quality. I DO NOT promote brands or products I do not believe meet these standards, and I only promote brands I purchase myself. In essence, if I don’t love it, I won’t be linking to it!

A simple Litha ritual from the Southern Hemisphere

I can’t believe we have already reached Litha/Summer Solstice, marking the longest daylight hours of the year.

This is a powerful time when both Mother Nature and the Sun are at their fullest, and nature’s energy is of great joy and strength.

Litha (pronounced “LIH-tha”) is a pagan holiday; one of the eight sabbats during the year. Also known as Midsummer, in some traditions, this is when a battle between light and dark takes place.  

The Oak King and the Holly King are battling for control and, as with the seasonal cycles, the balance of power unerringly shifts between them. The Oak King, who represents daylight, rules from Yule/Winter Solstice to Litha as the days steadily get longer. However, during Litha, the Holly King wins this battle, and the days start to get steadily darker until Yule.

Traditions of Litha are borrowed from many ancient cultures. Celts celebrated with hilltop bonfires and dancing. Many people attempted to jump over or through the bonfires for good luck, whilst other European traditions included setting large wheels on fire, and rolling them down a hill into a body of water!

Full-on fire celebrations aren’t exactly practical here in Australia at this time of year so this little Katie-Witch is going to wear flowers in her hair (daisy/dandelion crown anyone?!), and celebrate this day of inner power and brightness by finding a quiet spot outside to meditate about the light and dark forces in the world.

I’ve picked out an area on the grass next to my lushly flowering rose geranium, and after adjusting my flower crown(!), I’ll light a spell candle (in one of the corresponding colours detailed below) anointed with some rose, lavender and eucalyptus oils – in a fire-proof container of course! I find flames in any form are a natural meditative aid for me, so I’ll just gaze into it and let it work its own brand of magick on me.

I do love a blue candle for the oh-so-peaceful energy!

I like to wear my lapis lazuli mala beads around one wrist with tiger’s eye around the other to gather the earth’s energies to me, and breath in the candle anointing oils and the scents of Mother Nature around me to ground myself.

As the candle burns down, I’ll be meditating on the ongoing cycle of light and dark forces in the world and, let’s face it, 2020 has certainly given us all a lot of material to ponder…

When the candle has burned out, I’ll send up a thank you to the Goddess and Universe for this miraculous world we live in, the blessings bestowed upon us, and even the hard lessons we need to learn along the way. I’ll make a small hole in the earth to bury my extinguished candle, and get back on about my day rocking out with my flower festooned hair!

I hope you enjoy this bright, powerful day of the Wheel of the Year, and I’d love to know what you’ll be doing to celebrate so please leave me a comment.

✨Love, light & blessings✨


Affiliate disclaimer: Please note that any external links to suppliers in this post are done purely for the purpose of spreading the love! I don’t receive any commission, I simply want to share where I source highly quality products xo

A Simple Winter Solstice Ritual: design and live a life you love

In mundane terms, Winter Solstice or Yuletide is the shortest day and longest night of the year. Yawn… But when we look through the eyes of the Ancients, this becomes a time of rejoicing and celebration!

Of what, I hear you ask? Well, nothing much. Just the rebirth and return of the all-powerful Sun!!

Our ancestors would revel in the knowledge that soon the warm days of spring would return, and the dormant earth would reawaken to gift us with abundance. Just like magic.

In fact, they were so in awe of and inspired by the cycles of the Sun and Moon resulting in the seasons, that sacred places such as Stonehenge and Machu Picchu were designed to honour and track these celestial wonders.

Although I’m very much a summer-loving witch, Winter Solstice is an incredibly powerful event in my sacred self-care journey, and none more so than this year as it’s energy will be amplified with a solar eclipse!

I liken the energy of this time of year as to that of the Dark Moon phase on steroids; a rebirth and new beginnings. In fact, the Ancients referred to it as ‘The Renewal’, a celebration of the return of light after the longest night.

I embrace this sacred time to go within and reflect on the year past, indulging in restorative activities, especially journalling and meditation, and minimising outside noise so as to heal in the stillness. No more electronics for this little Katie-witch after today’s post!

By spending time in contemplation of days gone by, I can set my sails on a new course or recommit to an intention already made. Blockages and obstacles to living as the best version of myself in a life I adore become apparent through the guidance of the Goddess and Universe that I actively seek through prayer and connection.

Incorporating witchy correspondences into my day-to-day life brings me huge joy, comfort and peace of mind. I’m a bit of a ritual-fiend if the truth be known! From my outfit and makeup, crystal and candle choices, there’s always something there to remind me of the intentions I have set. So here are some of the elements I will be bringing with me today…

Herbs & Flowers

blessed thistle, allspice, sage, chamomile, cinnamon, ivy, peppermint leaf, rosemary, nutmeg, lemon & orange peel

Incense & Oils

cedar, cinnamon, clove, frankincense, juniper, myrrh, peppermint, pine needles, sweet orange, spruce

And now to my simple ritual to design & create a life I love to live by bringing it altogether…

Unfortunately I don’t have access to a Yule log or fire pit so I’ll be working with my candles, however, the principles are the same, and you can adapt any or all of them for your purposes!

You will need:

  • candles/fire pit/safe source of flame
  • essential oils/incense
  • crystals
  • journal/notepad
  • a pen
  • bay leaves
  • a heat-proof dish
  • a hot cup of tea!

So back to the candles! I’ve chosen midnight blue, silver and white but, again, make the choices that resonate with you. I’ve anointed them with frankincense and myrrh oils – what ritual would be complete without them?! – and a little dried sage for its cleansing properties.

Creating a private, quiet, uninterrupted sacred space for this ritual is vital. No darling puzz-cats, phone, electronics, other humans and what-not to disturb me please!! If you can comfortably be outside, that would be awesome but it’s not mandatory.

Come dusk, I’ll lay all of the above elements before me, diffuse my oils, clasp my crystals in my hands, light my candles, and it’s time to be hypnotised by the flame and slip into a meditative state. I offer up a little prayer to the Goddess at this stage to ask for her guidance but that is neither here nor there, or you may like to say an affirmation such as, ‘tonight, my soul releases all blockages and welcomes all the goodness headed my way!’

When my mind has stilled, I want to reflect on the year behind me; the good, the bad, the ugly. What is holding me back? Is fear restraining me? Where and when have I felt pure joy? How can I replicate that?

This is a ritual of decluttering mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It requires you to be entirely honest with yourself to get the best results. There’s no need to hide or be ashamed of this shadow self – your perfectly imperfect self. Only you and your higher power (if you have one) know the words you speak in your heart and soul.

Focus on love, understanding and compassion. Can you see a way(s) to be the person you want to be each day? To live every day in a life you just adore? Is there any action you can take to clear your path of the obstacles you’ve identified?

It’s during this questioning that I often whip out my journal/notepad and jot down notes on what is coming up for me. My memory is highly erratic and not to be relied upon!

When it feels to be the right time, I take my bay leaves and write a word that encapsulates each ‘nodule’ that came up for me during the meditation. Bay leaves are only little so I can’t waffle like I do when blogging(!), so a single word to capture a myriad of things is what I’m after (for example, fear).

Once I have these tangible symbols of what is holding me back from living my best life, I get to what I think of as the fun, witchy bit! Over my heat-friendly dish, I very carefully hold the bay leaf to the flame of a candle and while it burns, really focus on the inscribed word. I imagine a life without it and what will replace it instead. I call upon the setting Sun to take these impurities with him.

By symbolically burning what we wish to release, we are calling on the power of Mother Nature’s ultimate source of renewal – fire. As the leaf disintegrates in front of us, we are offering the Universe an incredibly powerful demonstration of our intention and what we want to manifest.

Gently blow out your candles and, depending on how long this has taken(!), enjoy your cup of tea and ponder the wonder and mystery of the life that is winging its way to you.

Do you do anything to mark the occasion of the Winter Solstice? I love hearing about other people’s ways of celebrating, so please share below xo

Love, light & blessings 😘💜✨


21 ideas for sacred self-care when I’m feeling blue…

21 ideas for sacred self-care when i'm feeling blue
“Until you’re broken you don’t know what you’re made of. It gives you the ability to build yourself all over again, but stronger than ever…” – Melissa Molomo

Today’s post has been prompted by a case of the blues. Icky.

I have a bit of a predisposition to melancholy/blues, as well as depression. My list below is not to minimise this more serious emotional imbalance in any way, shape or form. However, it’s important for me to monitor where I’m at, and, where indicated, seek out professional help immediately if I realise things have become more severe. It’s also important that I don’t over-state how I’m travelling and recognise when I’m just a bit down.

Journalling has been an absolute gift for me in this endeavour. My daily journal is a visual expression of what’s happening in life and how I am reacting. I use funny/beautiful/insightful/quirky stickers found on Etsy, especially those designed by Vexed and Hexed. I sometimes feel Anna, the talented shop owner, reaches into my heart, pulling out my feelings and arranging them in an aesthetically pleasing way!

Over (many!) years, I’ve also developed, and continue to refine, an arsenal of other sacred self-care tools to alleviate these feelings when they a pay visit. Here, in no particular order, is a list of just some of my favourites.

1. Fresh linen and PJ’s. When I’m not running at my peak, I find my doona and jim-jams are my greatest solace! Combined with a long rope of pearls and occasionally red lipstick, my soul feels somewhat soothed, and I enjoy the opportunity to have a giggle at my kookiness. No point in taking myself too seriously after all.

2. A clean immediate environment. This is almost counter-intuitive for me as I despise housework (you’re not looking at a Domestic Goddess here!), but when I’m down, looking at mess and dust etc makes me feel more sad.

3. If I feel able to get outside – which is not always the case – I like to spend some time with flowers or sit under a tree. Call me bonkers but I also love to have a chat with them and let them know how beautifully miraculous and comforting they are.

4. Wearing a specifically tailored essential oil blend. Some of my favourite healing scents include neroli, marjoram, vetiver, geranium and ylang ylang.

5. Part of my everyday sacred self-care practice is to thank my crystals for their protection and blessings. This becomes even more important to me during unsettled periods, and I feel comforted when I hold them close and feel their gentle energy. Rose quartz, moonstone, citrine, smokey quartz, howlite and aquarmarine are just some of my faves (I’m a bit greedy!). For Melbournites, I always enjoy visiting the lovely Sue’s stall at Dandenong Market or when shopping online, I can’t go passed Crystal Visions. My beautiful sister also has a wonderful range of Mala Beads on her website that provide an easy way to wear my little bringers of joy!

6. An incredibly powerful ritual for me is to choose candles to magnify my intention (eg. pink for love, blue for peace) and sit still in gratitude. I’m incredibly indebted to have been guided toward listing the wonderful blessings in my life instead of dwelling in more negative emotions.

7. From the amazing vantage point of my Nook, I look out the window and really focus on the wonder of Mother Nature. Weather, light in all its glory, the mini ecosystem in my garden, kitty cats playing, the sky. It’s all just heavenly!

8. On occasion, I’ll take this downtime to create/reorganise/clean my sacred spaces and altars. I like to connect to the things that are important to me.

9. A wise woman once advised me to write and say out loud three things I like about myself. I found this so difficult at the time, I didn’t have a very high opinion of myself, but gradually I’ve come to realise that I’m not worthless after all, and there’s actually quite a bit about my ‘Katie-ness’ that I appreciate.

10. Spending time in a happy place is vital – Pinterest has been a Goddess-send for me!

11. Asking a loved one for a cuddle (ideally for more than 20 seconds) releases the hormone oxytocin which is believed to alleviate stress and burn-out. The human body is such a fascinating, miraculous creation. A boundless source of wonder.

12. My darling Mumma instilled a love of throwing open the windows and doors, weather permitting. I believe this is a most excellent strategy to release negative energy, and I burn cleansing incense and oils to amplify the effect. My sister also introduced me to koshi chimes whose mellow sound I just adore for aural cleansing, and we have wind chimes positioned all around us here at Casa Loco!

13. Words are not big enough to express my love for the comfort of hot tea! I enjoy incorporating intention and ritual into this extremely frequent indulgence. As I spoon sugar into my black tea, I focus on things for which I am grateful. When cosseting myself with jasmine tea, I will chant the following:

I am the tool, you are the fire, fill this cup with all I desire.

I then swirl the tea three times towards me (to encourage the flow of these desires in my direction), and then settle in to enjoy my brew. Sometimes (okay, often!) accompanied by a chocolate biscuit.

14. A psychologist once guided me to minimise using catastrophic adjectives. I drop them like crazy when I’m feeling good because this is a state I want to magnify, but it’s a no-no when I’m down. Think ‘very’, ‘worst’, ‘depressed.’ Even ‘so’ can be a minefield.

My much-loved Dad encouraged an appreciation and curiosity in me for the living English language. It has such power! I seek out words that resonate or bring joy, and have even dedicated one of my Pinterest boards (Wonder of Words) to this pursuit! I just know Dad is looking down on this with a wry grin and some pride.

15. Remembering that being beautifully broken, perfectly imperfect, and fabulously flawed is actually a gift for personal growth. Or it’s my soul giving me a wake-up call that I need to slow down for a bit and give myself some TLC.

16. Someone once told me “tears unshed rust the soul.” I have attempted to source the author with no luck so if you know, please share! Crying can be a much-needed release – as long as I don’t dwell in it.

17. A physical key to minimising overwhelm and distress for me is to keep volume low. TV, social media, music, people. I love them all but sometimes they feel like they’re battering my senses.

18. Speaking of social media, pretty much every time I’m feeling blue, I take a brief hiatus as it can become overwhelming. A quote from Theodore Roosevelt comes to mind – “comparison is the thief of joy.” Sometimes seeing all these -insta-perfect lives can lead me to wallow in feelings of inadequacy. Not safe.

19. A selenophile from way back (please excuse me while I indulge myself in dropping a newly-found favourite word!), I moon journal. Come nightfall, I seek her out visually, sit quietly in her presence, then take to writing. I pay particular attention to her phase to determine if there is a pattern to my emotional balance, and try to practice the intentions for this period (more on this in a future post).

20. Thankfully stumbling upon the spiritual self-care blog, ‘Dwell In Magic’ has helped me greatly in formalising my sacred-self-care rituals. Jessica Dimas’s guidance has been a phenomenal gift; she has spoken to my soul and helped awaken a beautiful spiritual path. With the wonder of the internet, she is not even aware of the impact she has had on me and how often I turn to her teachings, especially when seeking comfort.

21. Last but never least, is spending time with my adorable puzzzz-cats! My Renaissance Boys as I have dubbed them – Leonardo, DaVinci and Michelangelo. As much as they make me laugh, it has been proven that petting a cat lowers your blood pressure, and relieves anxiety and stress. No wonder the Egyptians thought they were Gods!

This post has, in essence, been a cathartic journalling experience for me. I do hope it hasn’t come across as self-indulgent or even self-righteous. I just needed to re-commit to my spiritually guided sacred self-care rituals to find my way to another colour rather than blue.

Is there anything special you like to do for yourself, kitten, when feeling emotionally challenged? I’d love to hear about it as knowledge is power!

Love, light & blessings

Katie xo

A quick note before I sign off… the links in this post (apart from my doTERRA shop) are not affiliates. This means I do not receive any kick-backs for mentioning them; I have done so as I believe in them and use them myself. Just sharing the love, kitten! xo

My self-care birthday ritual…

My self-care birthday ritual to pamper my inner goddess!
…goddess pampering for an enchanted life…

I have a confession to make, kitten. I am a GIANT birthday fiend!

In fact, I’m quite notorious for not just having a birth-day but also a birth-MONTH! Not just for myself I might add, I love celebrating my nearest and dearest’s special days for as long as I’m allowed.

This year I think I’m more entitled than usual to celebrate ‘me’ day/month as it’s a rather big milestone. The big 5-0 if you’re curious!

So to kick off proceedings, I’m going to indulge in a nurturing ritual to welcome October and celebrate my special time of year…

Before any ritual can commence, I need to prepare the sacred space, so I’m going to cleanse the bathroom with a myrrh and patchouli resin blend as they’re two of the month’s corresponding incenses. Not only will these scents trail a lovely woody aroma in their wake, they have chased off any nasties that may have been inhabiting the environment.

To indulge the senses further, I have concocted a soothing, relaxing and beautifying bath potion using Epsom Salts (I’ve mixed through pink food colouring for bonus pretties!), almond oil, herbs such as thyme (imparts strength, courage, good health & luck), plus dried lavender (happiness & peace), chamomile (attracts abundance, peace, love & tranquillity), and rose petals (happiness, security & love). Even if these flowers didn’t have powerful magical correspondences, I would use them as they’re pretty!

There is no getting away from the fact that I simply adore candles and practise their magick daily, so they are a crucial ingredient of my ritual. I’ll be using them in a couple of different ways.

Firstly, I’m going to place a white tealight for each of my years around my bath. I hope the smoke alarm doesn’t go off! They will be joined by white, green and pink tapers in honour of my Goddess, Venus and a sweet tray of some of my personal crystals like moonstone, rose quartz and peacock ore.

As if my bath salts don’t smell scrummy enough, I’ll also be accompanied by a diffuser blend with some of my fave oils including ylang ylang, rosewood, cedarwood and honeysuckle, and to set the mood further, I’ll hit the button on a relaxing playlist and sip on my ever-present jasmine tea (feel free to swap that out for champagne if it’s more your speed)! Ok, ok there will also be chocolates but that’s just our little secret, right?!

As I sink into this blessed enchantment, I will offer up a prayer to the Goddess and my Ancestors to thank them for giving me life, the preceding year, and for their protection in the year ahead. Ancestor veneration is a large part of my spiritual practise but I’ll go into that in a later post.

Photo by Mohammad reza Fathian on Pexels.com

OK, cue bliss!

Did you know that baths (and showers) are a fabulous way to symbolically wash away any negativity or feelings of angst? Close your eyes and envision whatever is troubling you calmly and with minimal fuss exits your life as the water flows by you. Don’t you find that beautiful? It’s such a peaceful way to deal with icky feelings.

When (if!) I finally emerge from my watery paradise, it’s not the end of my pampering. Oh no! Now I will be anointing myself with a lovely softening oil (I like the very reasonably priced Palmer’s Moisturizing Body Oil ). It is only lightly scented and I add a few drops of Rosewood oil to add a little extra aroma. I find it best used on damp skin and then pat myself dry for an incredibly soft result. And this is not the time to be slacking off on my daily facial skincare routine either, so you can bet your booties I’ll be slathering on my gorgeous preparations like there’s no tomorrow!

To round out my little self-loving birthday ritual, I’ll scoot into nightwear that makes me feel good and a welcoming bed with my favourite linen. There are fresh flowers on the nightstand next to my ever-present blended oils and candles. And what is this I spy? Is that a little exquisitely wrapped gift someone (me!!) has left?!

I will now spend some time in my cosy little nest looking over photos from the previous year and before, really FEELING the gratitude I have for my loved ones, both here and departed. This time also lends itself to intention setting for the upcoming year so my journal will be close at hand to record any random musings that emerge, as well as reading over last year’s thoughts and ponder their ongoing validity or if I can let them go.

So there you have it, my little quest to pamper this goddess on her birthday(month!!).

Do you have a ritual you perform to celebrate your special day, kitten?

“Stop treating yourself as an afterthought. Eat delicious food, walk in the sunshine, jump in the ocean. Say the truth you are carrying in your heart like a hidden treasure. Be silly, be kind, be weird. There is no time for anything else.” 

– Richard Gere

Ostara blessings to you, kitten!

The simple, natural beauty of the season…

Spring has sprung and I can feel my soul rising up to greet the warming sun!

Don’t mind me, I tend to get a bit carried away at this time of year. With good reason I might add!

So for a bit of background, this is the time to celebrate all things new and fresh both in nature and in our own lives. Growth, beginnings, all aspects of fertility and … love! It is time for us to bask in all of Mother Nature’s astounding creations and give thanks for the precious gift of life that has been given to us.

Ostara celebrates the Spring Equinox where day and night are of equal length (being a Libran, I love this balance). The name stems from the Germanic goddess Eostre which was eventually adopted by the Christians as Easter (Ostara originated in the northern hemisphere where it falls in the first part of the year). You will find plenty of parallels between the two celebrations, including the Pagan practice of planting eggs in the ground for fertility, and the association with rabbits and chicks. Interesting, huh?

At this joyful time of year, I like to set my intentions for the next twelve months and focus my sights on new beginnings. A new hobby I’d like to take up? Research and footwork start now. Personal development I’d like to attend to (the list is endless!)? I’m on it.

Most importantly though for me is focusing on the wonder and absolute jaw-dropping beauty of life. I’m always on about every day being a special occasion, and I’m with Aristotle when he extolled that the “contemplation of beauty causes the soul to grow wings.” This is MY TIME of year! I can see the wonder in others’ faces as Mother Nature weaves her magic and I’m not the seemingly only one to be experiencing ‘Hallmark Card’ moments (ie. lots of laughing, crying and everything in between because of the sheer beauty of life).

If you’re curious about how this little witch may go about celebrating Ostara – apart from the above-mentioned starstruck awe – I’m thinking I’ll exercise some Craft Magick and dye eggs that I can decorate the garden with here at Casa Loco. I’m also keen to start a witchy herb garden so that’s also on the agenda. I also count my Hair Bouquets as a tribute to Ostara and a celebration of all things floral. I think it’s perfectly in keeping with this Sabbat to ‘birth’ new creations.

It would be remiss of me not to mention taking flower adorned baths. I do love me a bit of bath magick and it frequently appears as part of Goddess Pampering and Sacred Self-Care rituals. It can be done quickly and easily plus it’s very cost-effective. I just use Epsom Salts, essential oils I have at hand, and my garden or even a nature reserve (if it’s legal to do so) can provide the blossoms (ideally ones that are about to drop). Throw a bit of a coconut/grape seed/almond oil into the concoction, and you have a fragrant experience resulting in silky smooth skin!

Please overlook the cat hair & incense ash!
It doesn’t matter how often I clean, they haunt me…lol!

In the meantime, I’ve decorated my everyday altar to incorporate correspondences* of this festival, including:

  • My hand-crafted Hair Bouquets (coming to my Etsy shop soon!) in place of ‘real’ flowers as I don’t like cutting the little darlings if I can help it. If you want to pay tribute with fresh flowers, look to any spring blooms you may have access to or daffodils, violets, crocus, tulips, jasmine, roses and peonies to name a few.
  • The statue of my primary Goddess, Venus from Brigid’s Grove that I adore so much prompted me to add a Triple Moon Goddess on my moon altar (that’s for another post). I’m also keen on adding a spellbinding creation from Martha Silver Breninger (this is her Facebook page for your viewing pleasure!). I’m posting these links as I love the products – not because I get some sort of kickback because I don’t.
    Please don’t feel you must run out and buy a goddess statue. If you have access to a printer, run off a copy of your favoured deity or research the correspondences* associated with her/him and use something that speaks to you. Your intuition or possibly your deity will let you know what’s right for you. I don’t believe the deities nor our craft require us to be bankrupted in our pursuits so no cash outlay is required.
  • I’m also festooning my altar, the Nook and everywhere else that stays still long enough with white, green and pink candles! I also use white candles in place of coloured as they are pure and universal in candle magick. To go back to my earlier point of birthing creations, I’m researching how to make my own candles so I don’t need to spend a fortune on them in future.
  • It so happens that I am a huge crystal advocate so I have also added some amethyst, jasper, aquamarine, rose quartz and moonstone in my altar’s abalone shell. Truth be told, I have rose quartz and moonstone EVERYWHERE – I don’t need to wait for a special occasion!
    Again, if funds won’t stretch to expanding your crystal stash, you could print out images of what you’d like to collect or even substitute with something that reminds you of the stone of your choice. Perhaps a pink glass button in place of rose quartz for example. Anything that conjures up the image for you – focus on INTENTION rather than splashing cash.

* Witchy correspondences are various wide-ranging elements, including crystals, flowers, scents, deities, planets, zodiac signs, colours etc that can be included in rituals, altars and spell-casting.
If you want to know more about this vast subject, try googling
‘magic correspondences’ to be inundated with options!
Interesting tidbit; I often use colour correspondences to determine a palette for my clothes and makeup for the day!

I’m also a bit of a ritual fiend (I have one for pretty much everything!) so Ostara is no exception. It’s very basic but fills me with a peaceful joy and a strong feeling of connectedness.

If you’d like to give it a go, take my hand and come along!

  • Find yourself somewhere quiet and private outside. Sometimes easier said than done depending on your circumstances, so make-believe if you need to (perhaps a balcony next to a potted plant) but make sure you have your shoes off to connect with the Earth.
  • Try meditating briefly or breathing deeply while picturing to yourself why this is such a magical time of year.
  • Turn to face the sun (or where you think it should be if it’s not visible), and thank it for coming back to us after the long winter and its many blessings.
  • Now it’s Mother Nature’s turn to be thanked for her nourishing abundance and love.
  • To seal the deal with her, find a tree or beautiful plant in flower (or imagine you have) and sit next to it. Gently touch it in greeting and gratitude. Imagine both of your energies becoming intertwined and filling you with love and warmth. When you’ve finished meditating on this joy and you feel ready (there’s no time limit here), thank your new friend and express thoughts of good-will and love.
  • Finish up by once again thanking the sun, Mother Nature and your tree/plant for all the gifts of this beautiful season and let them know just how grateful you are for their ongoing care and protection.

If you’d like more info about Ostara and the Spring Equinox, I love The Traveling Witch’s post on 3 awesome ways to welcome the sun this Ostara, and Moody Moon’s 9 witchy ways to get ready for spring.

Enjoy your celebrations and the wonder of the season, kitten xo

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