A Glamour Magick Ritual for Winter Solstice

The Winter Solstice (in the Southern Hemisphere it will fall on 21/06/21) marks the shortest day and longest night of the year. This solstice also marks the ‘birth’ of the sun, as the days now begin growing longer – yippee!

It signifies hope, renewal, rebirth and the returning light of the Sun and, with this revitalisation, a new chapter and new opportunities. New dreams, hopes and ideas are born within you at this time of year.

There’s a very special stillness about winter. While appearing dead and frozen deep within new life is quietly unfolding. Our new hopes and dreams are being planted deep within ourselves, and if we nurture these yearnings, they will produce abundance come the warmer months.

This is an ideal time for manifesting. We can use these dark winter days to tap into the magic and mystery of the darkness. It is a great time to create a vision board for the year to come or to meditate on bringing your dreams to life.

These are also days are for resting. We desire being snuggled up in super luxe, soft, cosy blankets (think “hygge” which loosely translates from Danish as a ‘quality of conviviality engendering a feeling of contentment or well-being’). Winter is when we rejuvenate our spirits as it is also vital that we take time to rest and prepare our spirits for the heightened energy of spring and summer.

Just because it’s cold outside and we would like to be cuddled up “hygge” style, doesn’t mean we can escape leaving the house though (rats!), so I’ve put together some ideas to incorporate glamour magick into your routine so you can feel the warmth and love of the Goddesses on your travels.

First and foremost, and only if safe to do so, keep a gold or silver candle burning near you as you go through your glamour magick workings to signify the warmth we are so sadly lacking at the moment and bring some candle magick to the occasion! Sprinkle some frankincense, clove and/or wintergreen around the candle to invoke a feeling of the season, and if you have garnet (motivation & drive while planning new projects), orange calcite (refreshing, ‘out with the old, in the new’ energy), and/or chrysocolla (for that hibernation feeling and introspection). As for any of my rituals, these accoutrements are purely voluntary and will not have an overall impact on your workings; it is always about your intention(s).

Call on Brighid or Isis (Goddesses of the season), and perhaps indulge in some gingerbread/shortbread and a hot cup of cocoa while dwelling on the following:


  • Cleanser: you’re washing away the worries, cares and stresses you are carrying to make way for new and shiny intentions. (Try Younique’s customisable cleaners that you can tailor to your exact requirements or Paula’s Choice for high quality cleansers)
  • Toner: refresh and clear your mind to germinate the seeds of what you’re wanting to manifest for the coming seasons of plenty. (I adore the calming properties of Younique’s Rose Water Toning Spritz)
  • Eye cream: see the world through clear, kind and compassionate eyes with a keen eye on what you wish to create in the warmer months ahead. (Try this You.ology Eye Cream to target tired eyes with this skin care powerhouse!)
  • Exfoliant: clear away the debris of your past so you are ready to make room for the blessings to come. (Check out these one’s for a great range to choose from.)
  • Serum & moisturiser: while not only protecting your precious skin from the harsh elements, it will assist you in going about your day smoothly, with ease and grace, secure in the knowledge the Goddesses protect you. (Check out You.ology’s fully customisable serums – I adore the Beauty Uplift Oil – and moisturisers are a great choice. Paula’s Choice also offer a great range of targeted moisturisers)

Dressing with intention

Obviously, we need to rug up at this time of year, but a couple of things you might like to include in your routine are:

  • Tights: to walk the world with poise and grace.
  • Gloves: to touch the world with loving, kind hands.
  • Jumper: to warm your heart
  • A coat or ideally a cloak (very witchy!): to not only protect you from the cold elements but to keep you warm as you ruminate on longer, warmer sunny days to come that will see the manifestation of your dreams and hopes.
  • Scarf: ensure words of love and kindness.


Finally, it comes to my personal favourite ritual; my makeup! I like to use the following elements to bring some witchiness into my days:

  • Primer: ready my spirit to receive abundance
  • Foundation: lay a foundation of truth and strength, cloak my insecurities and replace them with confidence.
  • Contour: carve out space for my spirit to expand and grow in love to be the highest version of myself, and achieve my growing intentions.
  • Blusher: bring life, vibrancy and colour to my world, particularly in these grey times.
  • Highlighter: illuminate all the blessings bestowed by the Goddesses, allowing me to rest and ruminate at this time of year.
  • Eyes: lift the veil obscuring truths outside my own, and allow me to see all the miracles of the Universe and beauty of the season (because there is beauty even for a summer-loving witch like myself!).
  • Lips: conjure words of magic, authenticity and love.
  • Setting spray/powder: sprinkle magic along my path.

I hope these elements of my own customary witchy preparations provide you with some ideas for yourself.

I’d also love to hear from you if you have any additions/changes you would make to any of the above.

Love, light & blessings


P.S. For the sake of transparency, some of the links provided on this blog are ‘affiliate links.’ Although I may be paid a commission if you use these links to make a purchase (ie. Younique), I am totally committed to high standards of integrity and quality. I DO NOT promote brands or products I do not believe meet these standards, and I only promote brands I purchase myself. In essence, if I don’t love it, I won’t be linking to it!

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