A simple Litha ritual from the Southern Hemisphere

I can’t believe we have already reached Litha/Summer Solstice, marking the longest daylight hours of the year.

This is a powerful time when both Mother Nature and the Sun are at their fullest, and nature’s energy is of great joy and strength.

Litha (pronounced “LIH-tha”) is a pagan holiday; one of the eight sabbats during the year. Also known as Midsummer, in some traditions, this is when a battle between light and dark takes place.  

The Oak King and the Holly King are battling for control and, as with the seasonal cycles, the balance of power unerringly shifts between them. The Oak King, who represents daylight, rules from Yule/Winter Solstice to Litha as the days steadily get longer. However, during Litha, the Holly King wins this battle, and the days start to get steadily darker until Yule.

Traditions of Litha are borrowed from many ancient cultures. Celts celebrated with hilltop bonfires and dancing. Many people attempted to jump over or through the bonfires for good luck, whilst other European traditions included setting large wheels on fire, and rolling them down a hill into a body of water!

Full-on fire celebrations aren’t exactly practical here in Australia at this time of year so this little Katie-Witch is going to wear flowers in her hair (daisy/dandelion crown anyone?!), and celebrate this day of inner power and brightness by finding a quiet spot outside to meditate about the light and dark forces in the world.

I’ve picked out an area on the grass next to my lushly flowering rose geranium, and after adjusting my flower crown(!), I’ll light a spell candle (in one of the corresponding colours detailed below) anointed with some rose, lavender and eucalyptus oils – in a fire-proof container of course! I find flames in any form are a natural meditative aid for me, so I’ll just gaze into it and let it work its own brand of magick on me.

I do love a blue candle for the oh-so-peaceful energy!

I like to wear my lapis lazuli mala beads around one wrist with tiger’s eye around the other to gather the earth’s energies to me, and breath in the candle anointing oils and the scents of Mother Nature around me to ground myself.

As the candle burns down, I’ll be meditating on the ongoing cycle of light and dark forces in the world and, let’s face it, 2020 has certainly given us all a lot of material to ponder…

When the candle has burned out, I’ll send up a thank you to the Goddess and Universe for this miraculous world we live in, the blessings bestowed upon us, and even the hard lessons we need to learn along the way. I’ll make a small hole in the earth to bury my extinguished candle, and get back on about my day rocking out with my flower festooned hair!

I hope you enjoy this bright, powerful day of the Wheel of the Year, and I’d love to know what you’ll be doing to celebrate so please leave me a comment.

✨Love, light & blessings✨


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