My self-care birthday ritual…

My self-care birthday ritual to pamper my inner goddess!
…goddess pampering for an enchanted life…

I have a confession to make, kitten. I am a GIANT birthday fiend!

In fact, I’m quite notorious for not just having a birth-day but also a birth-MONTH! Not just for myself I might add, I love celebrating my nearest and dearest’s special days for as long as I’m allowed.

This year I think I’m more entitled than usual to celebrate ‘me’ day/month as it’s a rather big milestone. The big 5-0 if you’re curious!

So to kick off proceedings, I’m going to indulge in a nurturing ritual to welcome October and celebrate my special time of year…

Before any ritual can commence, I need to prepare the sacred space, so I’m going to cleanse the bathroom with a myrrh and patchouli resin blend as they’re two of the month’s corresponding incenses. Not only will these scents trail a lovely woody aroma in their wake, they have chased off any nasties that may have been inhabiting the environment.

To indulge the senses further, I have concocted a soothing, relaxing and beautifying bath potion using Epsom Salts (I’ve mixed through pink food colouring for bonus pretties!), almond oil, herbs such as thyme (imparts strength, courage, good health & luck), plus dried lavender (happiness & peace), chamomile (attracts abundance, peace, love & tranquillity), and rose petals (happiness, security & love). Even if these flowers didn’t have powerful magical correspondences, I would use them as they’re pretty!

There is no getting away from the fact that I simply adore candles and practise their magick daily, so they are a crucial ingredient of my ritual. I’ll be using them in a couple of different ways.

Firstly, I’m going to place a white tealight for each of my years around my bath. I hope the smoke alarm doesn’t go off! They will be joined by white, green and pink tapers in honour of my Goddess, Venus and a sweet tray of some of my personal crystals like moonstone, rose quartz and peacock ore.

As if my bath salts don’t smell scrummy enough, I’ll also be accompanied by a diffuser blend with some of my fave oils including ylang ylang, rosewood, cedarwood and honeysuckle, and to set the mood further, I’ll hit the button on a relaxing playlist and sip on my ever-present jasmine tea (feel free to swap that out for champagne if it’s more your speed)! Ok, ok there will also be chocolates but that’s just our little secret, right?!

As I sink into this blessed enchantment, I will offer up a prayer to the Goddess and my Ancestors to thank them for giving me life, the preceding year, and for their protection in the year ahead. Ancestor veneration is a large part of my spiritual practise but I’ll go into that in a later post.

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OK, cue bliss!

Did you know that baths (and showers) are a fabulous way to symbolically wash away any negativity or feelings of angst? Close your eyes and envision whatever is troubling you calmly and with minimal fuss exits your life as the water flows by you. Don’t you find that beautiful? It’s such a peaceful way to deal with icky feelings.

When (if!) I finally emerge from my watery paradise, it’s not the end of my pampering. Oh no! Now I will be anointing myself with a lovely softening oil (I like the very reasonably priced Palmer’s Moisturizing Body Oil ). It is only lightly scented and I add a few drops of Rosewood oil to add a little extra aroma. I find it best used on damp skin and then pat myself dry for an incredibly soft result. And this is not the time to be slacking off on my daily facial skincare routine either, so you can bet your booties I’ll be slathering on my gorgeous preparations like there’s no tomorrow!

To round out my little self-loving birthday ritual, I’ll scoot into nightwear that makes me feel good and a welcoming bed with my favourite linen. There are fresh flowers on the nightstand next to my ever-present blended oils and candles. And what is this I spy? Is that a little exquisitely wrapped gift someone (me!!) has left?!

I will now spend some time in my cosy little nest looking over photos from the previous year and before, really FEELING the gratitude I have for my loved ones, both here and departed. This time also lends itself to intention setting for the upcoming year so my journal will be close at hand to record any random musings that emerge, as well as reading over last year’s thoughts and ponder their ongoing validity or if I can let them go.

So there you have it, my little quest to pamper this goddess on her birthday(month!!).

Do you have a ritual you perform to celebrate your special day, kitten?

“Stop treating yourself as an afterthought. Eat delicious food, walk in the sunshine, jump in the ocean. Say the truth you are carrying in your heart like a hidden treasure. Be silly, be kind, be weird. There is no time for anything else.” 

– Richard Gere

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