Swooning for OTT wings…

Sophie Dahl rocking this dramatic bright blue liquid liner cat’s eye

Seen on Lisa Eldridge’s blog, what a way to wear blue eyeliner!

I absolutely adore this look and am going to do my own take in the not too distant future using DIP & DRAW eyeliner in Pretty.  A most aptly named colour as it is an extremely pretty, glittery blue!

Younique’s stunning shimmery liquid eyeliner in Pretty

Now kittens, when I say I’m going to do “my take” on this look, you can pretty much guarantee that means I don’t want to look like mutton dressed as lamb, and I think I’m a little too ‘mature’ to get away with this one! That’s why I’m opting for this Pretty liner for a more subtle effect but the glitter still provides excitement and glamour.

In my heyday (about 413 years ago lol!), I don’t I think ever left the house without some sort of nod to my much-loved cat’s eye but now gravity is taking its toll (!) and I’m developing quite pronounced hooded eyes which actually cause me a bit of a difficulty in doing a lush sweep like the one the beautiful Sophie Dahl is sporting above. I find the over-the-top wing can be obscured by a drooping skin fold…oh Goddess, the horror!

My work-around is to go for something a little tamer but equally glam and perhaps add a little glitter to the inner corners of my eyes. I’ve even been known to sport bindis there or sweeping up from the outer lash line. I find my ‘eye jewels’ on eBay for only a couple of dollars and you get heaps so they should last a good long while…after all, this isn’t a day-to-day aspect.

Like the makeup artist has done with Sophie (if you happen to know who that is, please tell me so I can credit them!), I also prefer a nude lip when I’m sporting such attention-grabbing eyes.

A bit off track here but is anyone else having 80’s flashbacks?  …you spin me right round baby, right round…

Do you have problems creating a dramatic cat’s eye look, kittens? Or, are you an absolute gun with this iconic, much-sought after look? If it’s the latter, please share your tips with us all (and come round to my place to remind me how to do it!), and if it’s not your forte, feel free to ask questions below.

Love, light & blessings xo


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