Welcome to Ladylike Magick
and a life of beauty, magic & enchantment!

This is a ‘solopreneur’ venture and I live and breathe all it encompasses; it is my dream and passion.

My Ladylike Magick adventure is a part of my heart and soul and I’m so happy you’ve happened across it, and hope you’ll stay a while and come back to visit often.

My mission is to uplift, empower and validate everyone who comes to visit my little corner of the internet, and hopefully help you find a way to celebrate and indulge in your you-ness!

I believe every day is a special occasion and choose to honour it with everything from daily rituals to tips and tricks I’ve picked up along the way for maintaining a level of emotional balance.

A fine line separates routine from ritual and I am always seeking new practices to bring the enchanted to my self-loving practices.


It means giving the best of you, instead of what is left of you, and my goal is to help you transform your ordinary daily routine into a joyful, sensory ritual of self-care.

My intention is always for you to feel beautiful being your perfectly imperfect, amazingly unique self, and make peace with being under no obligation to live your life as others see fit. You get to create the world where your soul feels at home.

We are all goddesses in human form and deserve to be pampered but most importantly, we can have FUN while we’re doing it!

When I say all things beauty related have been a lifelong passion for me, I am not exaggerating in the slightest. I could talk with a mouthful of marbles underwater for hours on end about makeup, skincare, manicures, expressing personal style etc. The list is endless! So, if you’re a bit of a beauty maven yourself, I’d just love to hear from you!

Beauty is not about creating an insta-worthy life, it’s about self-expression, creativity and enjoyment, and, at times, perhaps a little bit of escapism too 🙂

Having always been slightly ‘alternative’ in my worldview, I’ve been attracted to a myriad of metaphysical, esoteric and conventional genres that I thought would provide the answer.

The more I sought out this all-powerful solution, the further I distanced myself from the little girl who surrendered to the wonder and mystery of the Universe, who saw beauty, whimsy and enchantment everywhere, and who accepted magic as a reality and not a concept.

I’m not referring to the magic we grew up with reading in fairytales – but if it floats your boat, go for it I say! Today, magick is to me the art of channelling the energy around me to manifest my reality through my intention.

Intentions are statements we create to help guide and motivate our daily activities, thoughts, and actions. When I set an intention, it focuses my energy on the present and helps shift my mind and actions in a positive direction toward change. 

Now add a big blissful dollop of whimsy and enchantment and voila! Katie-Witch!

The contemplation of beauty

causes the soul to grow wings.

~ Plato

I hope you enjoy your time with Ladylike Magick and come back to visit often.

I love to focus my energy on seeking out the beauty in life in its many different guises, and, where possible, contribute to it, and I ardently hope I can bring some beauty and enchantment to your life.

✨Love, light & blessings✨


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